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Chef Erick Dreyer

Erick Dreyer is an Ecuadorian raised in a family of cooks and fine food lovers, which led him to know since an early age that Gastronomy was his thing.
He studied at Universidad San Francisco de Quito until 2007, took courses at Hoffman Culinary School and Espai Sucre Pastry School in Barcelona, Spain. After some years of working in different parts of Spain he returned to Barcelona and opened his own restaurant, that is still operating under a new owner.

Erick considers Ecuador a unique place for cooking due to its fascinating culture and variety of ingredients. He actually owns two restaurants, Ciré Cumbayá (since 2013) which has won the Rosa de Oro to the best restaurant in Quito and also the Star Diamond Award from the AAHS, and the recently inaugurated Ciré Capital. He has represented Ecuador in the prestigious Bocuse D’Or world chef championship and is a member of the Académie Culinaire de France. Erick has always been passionate about his country’s exceptional ingredients and about creating a pleasant connection between diners and his dishes.

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